The Breakthrough of Instagram in 2018

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with 1 billion users. We’re in the last quarter of 2018 and this year is full of breakthroughs for this platform. So many new features were added to IG and they still keep developing the app. So let’s have a look at what have changed in Instagram in this year so far!



Stickers on Stories

One of the biggest new features Instagram came up with is stickers such as polls, questions and emoji sliders etc. With them, Instagram stories became much more enjoyful and interactive to use.





According to the researchs, people’s tendency to watch videos is increasing day by day. And on IG, the limit while sharing videos was 1 minute. But using IGTV, you can create your own Instagram TV and share videos longer than a minute.




Ads in Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the biggest success of Instagram, although some says they stole it from Snpchat. It has 400 million daily active users. Such a huge number right? Yes. So, it was like impossible for Instagram to put advertisements on Stories and turn this place into a




Sharing Other User’s Stories

The only way to share other users’ stories on your stories used to be to take a screenshot of them and share it again. But with this feature released on June, now users have an ‘’Ad This To Your Story’’ option and everything just became easier.😊



Shopping Tags

In March, Instagram also brought a feature called ’Shopping Tags’ to answer the needs of marketers. With these tags, brands have a chance to transfer users through and image and a link to their eCommerce page. This feature is also available on Stories.



Account Verification

It was an easy step to verificate accounts for only celebrities. But now, it became easier also for regular users. Instagram made the three step process available in app and public and users are now able to request vertification in Settings tab.

Technology is developing more and more day by day. It is a mystery what Instagram and other platforms will bring us new. You can visit our blog to find out the latest social media news and keep up with the Digital World, and feel free to share your comments and ideas with us from below! 😊


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