The Dynamics of Social Media: How They Were Born? #3 Twitter

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In this serial, we talk about how the dynamics of social media were born and where they are now. In previous articles, we talked about the story of Facebook and Youtube, and today we are going to talk about Twitter. Let’s start!

Twitter; one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to share ‘tweets’ restricted to 280 characters (140 characters for the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese). Users also can use hashtags to talk about a specific subject or they can find out the most popular topics by following trend topics.

How It Was Founded?

The idea of Twitter first came up when a group of 14 friends met at South Park, San Francisco.  Jack Dorsey, current CEO of Twitter, was one those 14 friends and needed a SMS system to share the activity they were doing there which is not known. He could send a text message but he wanted something more useful. Thus, the idea of Twitter was born. They made a brain storm about the issue, then Jack created a web based site. Jack joined a competition with his project and became the first. He kept working and Twitter finally was born.


Jack tweeted the first tweet on March 21, 2006.

And the little bird on the logo of Twitter has a name. He is called ‘’Larry’’. But why ‘’Larry’’?

On Aug 12,2011 this question got its answer. Peter Stringer sent a tweet to Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of Twitter, asking if Larry is named after Larry Bird, a basketball player of Boston Celtics. Then, Biz Stone approved this question.

Where Is It Now?

  • The number of monthly active Twitter users : 335 million.


  • The number of daily active Twitter users : 313 million.


  • The number of monthly mobile active users: 257 million


  • The number of tweets tweeted per day: 500 millon


  • Most followed accounts on Twitter


  • Twitter Q2 2018 Revenue: $711 Million


This is the story of how Twitter became from zero to hero and where it is now. If you’d like to find out more success stories like this, wait for our serial. 😊


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