The Dynamics of Social Media: How Were They Born? #1 Facebook

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Technology has come over a very long way so far. It affects our lives from so many aspects. It shapes the way that we live. And one of the biggest technological masterpieces of all time is social media. Besides our daily lives, we have another lives on social media. We live in social media. We can share our memories, we can create surveys, we can do shopping, we can get in touch with our friends, we even can find our primary school friends that we haven’t seen for years just by searching their names.

Such that, social media became a inseperable part for us. But, have you ever wondered how social media platforms were founded? We did and created this serial for you. In this article, we are going to talk about Facebook and how it was founded. Let’s start!

According to an online statistic platform Statista, in the second quarter of 2018, there are 2.234 billion monthly active Facebook users. And this number is increasing each passing year. Such a big success, right? Let’s dig deeper and see how it was founded.

Facebook, which was founded in Feb. 2004, is the second website that Mark Zuckerberg founded. The first one was Facemash which was the first website including Harvard students’ informations and photographs. he created Facemash when he was in the second year of college. The website included a game called ‘’Hot or Not’’ game. It allowed visitors to compare female student photos and decide who was hot, who was not. But, because Mark used students’ informations without having the permission of school management, Facemash was banned. Therewith, Zuckerberg decided to create a platform with which users could create private or public accounts and get in touch with each other. In order to create this platform he dropped his school for a year and started coding the Facebook, which is Facebook now, with the help of his roommates.

The coding process was finished in 5 Feb. 2004 and Facebook became available for Harvard students. In the beginning, only Harvard students could use it but Facebook became so popular that after a short time; it became available for the students in other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom and Mexico.

In 2006, Facebook became available for the 13+ aged users who have valid email addresses and after a short time it became a worldwide popular website.

Why is Facebook called ‘Facebook’?

The name comes from ‘face book’ which found at some American universities that includes individuals’ photographs and names. The purpose is to help students get to know each other. This is where the name of Facebook comes. This is the story of how Facebook became from zero to hero. If you’d like to find out more success stories like this, wait for our serial. 😊

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