10 Easy Steps of Fertile Facebook Advertising

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It has always been my first suggestion to make spesific tests first and to get results in online advertising. Later things will be much more easier for you, after transfering all your budget to where you find the right point.

Generally; spending an amount of your campaign budget for testing can give you a information about how you should draw the line. For example; If you have a 100 TRY budget at total, it makes more sense to start with 30 TRY in the beginning.

1: Open Facebook Ads Manager

Try to put all your advertisements from this panel. It is easy to report and you can choose your target audience in more details.

2: Determine Your Purpose

What is your purpose of advertising? What do you want to gain? Determine them. Facebook serves all its advertisement modules in 3 stages:

Awareness: It ıs suggested for you to create awareness for your product or service.

Consideration: It leads people to talk about your business, product or service. It aims to create interaction for your posts.

Conversion: It is worked for the audience that you determine to purchase your app directly, add to cart or to take an another action that you determine. I chose the traffic part because I will move the users to an another place through Facebook. Of course you can choose ‘Conversion’ stage too. Our main parameter here is ROI rate.

3.Determine Your Target Audience

In this part, the main point that you should be careful about is the greatness of your target audience shown in the right up corner. Facebook always might tell you ‘ Your target audience has been defined well’ It will. Of course don’t believe this blindly and don’t give an add to a 47.000.000 million audience. The secret point here is that the bar defining your audience is just like this:

It means that your audience specifically and well defined.

The more specified your audience is, the higher your CTR rate will be. And this will reflect on your advertisement relevancy score. Relevancy score , evaluated from out of 10, is one of the biggest factors the algorithm takes into consideration, while determining your advertisement costs.

How to Define Your Audience

I read in an article before. Facebook classified its users according to 76 parameters. This means that they have a huge amount of data. In the first stage you can aim at location, age, gender, language, interests, behaviours and connections. And you can make this classification by the data you gained from the users purchased your product or service before.

I can hear you saying ‘’Everything is OK but how can we define uder interests?’’

Of course we are not going to rely on our foresight for this. You can watch this method;4

For example; take an e-mail adress of one of your customers and search it on Facebook search bar.

Find his/her profile and examine it.

Prepare a spreadsheet by examining the pages that they like. With easy copy-paste system.

Do these for some of your customers.

Then you will see the pages that you see often on your spreadsheets.


  1. Determine Your Channels


We have two options in this stage. Either we will continue according to Facebook’s suggestion list, or we will determine manually.

I usually suggest to edit this channels manually. I think it is important to decide where advertisement should be. If it is your first advertisement, I think it is enough to be on the main page of Facebook, or maybe Instagram too.

Why am I saying this;

Audience Network 3rd Group advertisements might not be a good option all the time.

You might find Instagram advertisements confusing, cause it requires different adds for Story page and the main page.

I also experienced that right column adds are suitable for retargeting adds. You don’t need to be in this place for the first add.

And final point you need to be careful about is what kind of devices you want to be on.

5:Determine Your Budget.

Start with low budgets. For example, as I said above, you hava 100 TRY budget monthly. Don’t use all of it. Start with 30 TRY. Don’t worry; Facebook won’t exceed the number that you determine.

With the result of your budget, the main point that you need to examine;

1-        How many clicks did you get?

2-        Your sale amount.

Generally, click rate changes  0.1-0.2% on average,

Correspondingly, your sales rate might be around %20 rate.

6: Create Your Advertisement.

Please note that the text overlay on your add’s visual shouldn’t be more than %20. Otherwise your add will be shown to less people.

–          In your app, be careful not to break users’ trust. Even, use natural and real photos as much as possible. It always works. Because users are sick of the same visuals.

7: Determine Your Add Format

For example; let’s pick a video. If you say that videos are popular nowadays, maybe you decide wrong. And while deciding your format, always take what you expect into consideration. Once we made a very high-budget video to make a sale with a brand serving sertificated education service, but at the end of the day although we spent so much money, it didn’t bring us any sale. When I looked at the time users spent to watch the video, I realized that every user almost watch the whole video. Everyone watched but got lost in the video and couldn’t catch the main case, I guess.

8: Choose Your Visual.

Facebook, within your campaign, allows you to use up to 6 promo visuals. Be careful about the sizes, and as a personal recommendation; don’t use stock photos anymore.

9: Copy Your Adds.

You opened your advertisement sets. Everything is OK.

Now, make copies of that set.

And in this copies, in order to measure some parameters, keep some of your parameters stable and change some of them; like the texts included within the add main titles or CTA buttons.Thus, you can find out which texts and which buttons users react to.

10: How to Measure ROI

Congratulations for coming to this stage!

Let’s get back to our issue, ROI is an unit showing you what you gain as a result of your spendings. For example; let’s assume that you are supposed to collect some customer data for a bulletin and your campaign purpose is to get sign-ups for the bulletin you created.

The amount we spend for a customer data is 50 kurus.

And our rate is like this in this situation: 0,5 TRY/ a sign up.

You gained 60 sign-ups with a 30 TRY campaign. Out of this you can make a deduction like this: If you want to gain 120 sign-ups you are supposed to have a 60 TRY campaign budget.

Good luck and feel free to share your Facebook add experiences or your questions as comments!


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