30 Surprising Social Media Facts

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Social media is a platform that is not only popular among  young people anymore. We live in a world where there are millions of social media accounts. Naturally; businesses are trying to use this platform in the best way in their marketing studies. Because users seek profit and put advertisements on social media now, it is inevitable that various strategies come to exist. Even, especially brands give a novel touch to social media with their creativities. So, are you ready to find out some mesmerizing social media facts?

Here we go!

Social Media User’s Stats

  • Social media now takes up a great space in our lives. The number of accounts that an average user have is 7,6.
  • In the second and the third quarter of 2017, the number of social media users soared up and 121 million people joined social media.
  • When compared to the younger ones, social media users between the ages of 55-64 are two times more likely to interact with brands products.
  • %96 of users that talk about a brand on online platforms don’t even follow that brand’s profile.
  • %49 of social media users share their ideas about products hoping that others benefit from better conditions.
  • If there won’t be an extraordinary situation, today on social media 3 billion visuals are going to be shared. So we can tell that people attach a very big importance to visuality.
  • Taking our current internet usage into consideration, on social media we spend 5 years and 3 months of our lives on average.



  • By the end of this year, Facebook will have lost 2 millions users that under the age of 25. Of course Analitica incidence have some effects on this situation.
  • Where do you think Facebook has its most users? If you think the answer is the USA, you can waste your second chance with China. India takes the first place with 30 million users. Indonesia and Brasil take the next places in the queue.
  • On Facebook, 8 billion videos are viewed everyday.

  • Do you know that 5 million Facebook accounts were created as fake accounts by the users under the age of 10.
  • Female users are the biggest followers of brands on the Facebook channel! %58 of female users follow their favorite brands on this platform.
  • Entertaining videos are always in vogue on Facebook. Male and female users have a similar tendency.


  • Do you know who has the most followers on Instagram? If you think that it is Selena Gomez, congratulations you know the second one! And Instagram takes the first place 😊
  • %80 of Instagram users follow at least a brand profile. And 200 million of them regularly examine what those brands do.
  • The situation of Snapchat always gets me sad. And I’m sure there are so many people sad like me. Sorry but I have an another bad news for you: Instagram Stories are two times popular than Snapchat.

  • The best known brands use Instagram very actively. %85 of them use this platform to expand their Networks and customers.


  • The number of videos uploaded to Youtube every month is bigger than the number of the videos uploaded to 3 main video platforms in the last 60 years.
  • High probably most of you predict this; after Google, Youtube is the second biggest search engine with monthly 3 billion search numbers on average.
  • On Youtube, the average session time of users is 40 mins.
  • The half of all the watched videos are viewed on Youtube. This includes all the websites and television channels.


  • Although there are 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, the number of mothly active used accounts is 336 million. Those fake accounts…
  • It took 3 years 2 months and a day for the total tweet number to reach 1 billion after the first tweet was tweeted. But now; 200 billion tweets are tweeted every yer.
  • %53 of Twitter users wait for an answer from brands. If they have a problem with something, this percentage reachs %72.
  • %80 of Twitter users connect the platform with smart phones.


  • How many companies that you know give a message on Pinterest? We can foresee that it is more common abroad. And %81 of female users see this platform as a reliable news and information source.
  • The users visiting your website from Pinterest channel are 10 times more likely to finish their shoppings when compared to the ones visiting your website from other channels.
  • Again, users visiting websites from Pinterest channel spend more money. Although this datas include foreign countries’ datas too, it’s a good data for the ones making marketing studies.


Social Media Marketing

  • 5 million brands are putting advertisements on Facebook now. This number is equal to Colarado’s population.
  • In 2017 ,the total worldwide budget spent for social media advertisements is $35 billion. It makes up %16 of all the digital advertisements.

Social media is always changing and developing. User habits are also changing. To know about digital platforms datas provides an advantage to marketing experts. Don’t forget that information is power!



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