Increase Your Customers With Facebook Lead Generation Strategies!

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By optimizing your lead generation strategies, you can increase the number of potential customers by 872% in a 6-month time frame.

What is Lead Generation?
Lead generation is one of the most crucial building blocks of the sales process. It is the conversion of potential customers on digital platforms who may be interested in the products or services of the relevant company into people who can make future purchases through marketing efforts.

When we examine the concept of lead, it includes potential customers who may show an interest in the product or service of the relevant company and intend to purchase in the future. Lead generation, on the other hand, is marketing work that is usually done through digital channels. The most important point is to increase the quality of the leads obtained and increase conversion rates to sales. Quality and qualified leads are more likely to become customers. Marketing qualified leads (MQL) are leads that respond to communications from CRM entities and interact with your company. Another definition, sales qualified leads (SQL), includes leads that are on the way to becoming a purchase.

Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing Strategies
Thanks to Inbound Marketing strategies, the most comprehensive and proven methodology in the digital world, you first make people who are surfing the digital world and unfamiliar with your products or services your visitors. After this stage, you can turn your visitors into customers within the scope of lead generation. In this way, first of all, you increase your brand awareness, and in this way, you can improve your sales visibly. The power of inbound marketing lies in producing quality content. For example, a person researching places to camp can read your blog content about camping places and recognize your brand and then turn into a potential lead who can buy your camping products. The final phase of the inbound strategy is to turn customers into brand fans. In this respect, we can give an example of brand fanatics, described as fanboys of Apple and Intel companies. In 2019, digital lead ad spent in the United States was estimated to be approximately $2.6 billion. With steady growth, this figure is estimated to reach 3.2 billion by the end of 2023. (Statista)

B2B and B2C Lead Generation
For example, when we examine lead companies, B2B appeals to companies that produce lead and subsequently demand lead, while B2C appeals to consumers who demand lead production individually. “B2B” refers to “business to business” sales while “B2C” refers to “business to customer” sales. B2B lead generation involves targeting a business that includes business interactions and transactions between two companies or organizations. B2B often requires interaction with buying companies or groups and their products. On the other hand, B2C lead generation consumes goods and services between a business and a customer/consumer. In a 2019 survey of B2B marketing professionals in the United States, 50 percent of respondents found that email is the most effective channel for generating a high return on investment. Search optimization and marketing took second place on this list. (Statista)

Why is Lead Generation Important?
Lead generation on digital platforms is the acquisition of basic information about visitors who are on their way to becoming potential customers by companies. From this point of view, contact information obtained from users is of great importance for email and telephone marketing. From another point of view, the information you will receive about potential customers will provide you with important information about how to contact them and lead them to sales. When we review ads with Facebook forms, it will always be more effective for you to get five leads with a high probability of converting to sales, instead of 100 users who fill out the form by mistake or do not answer their phone. In this respect, it is crucial first to inform the user of inbound marketing strategies and turn them into quality leads.

How to Do Lead Generation with Facebook Ad Models?
To acquire potential customers, it is necessary to use the Facebook Prospecting ad model. With the form that we will place in our advertising model, we will obtain the data we need from potential customers. To distribute the advertising budget, you have to your ads; you need to collect data most efficiently with your budget by proceeding with A/B testing. By creating your form, the description section of your ads, and the button leading to the form with a user-friendly experience, the return on your advertising investment will be high when the right target audience is selected in the ad type. Progress by using simple and result-oriented designs brings success. You must include icons and texts used in the advertisement image and prompt the user to fill out the form. It is also important that you monitor and optimize the campaigns regularly from your ad admin panel. First, click the create from our ad account button in the Facebook Business Manager panel. Select the “finding potential customers” option on the next screen. Proceed by setting a daily or monthly budget in campaign budget optimization. You can also limit your cost per lead by specifying the “bid cap” from the campaign bid strategy. Don’t forget to limit your target audience and use automatic ad slots first. You can use only Facebook or Instagram ad spaces with the first data coming after your ad is published. Afterward, you can add your ad images, sharing texts and forms to your ad, and put it on the air.

How Can You Increase Your Leads?
What will be the earnings of the user who sees our lead ads? Because we aim for people to share their personal information with you, you need to offer them certain incentives. A good incentive will show that you value customers and positively contribute to people filling out the relevant form. For example, if we consider that you are an online education company:

  1. Making monthly lottery campaigns for training and making it mandatory to fill out a form to participate in the lottery.
  2. To include call-to-action details in our visuals and texts for the discounted training.
  3. Providing pre-registration advertisements under the name of pre-registration of the training, which will be offered to customers for the first time, in a way that will make the user feel more attractive and special. It will increase your lead count. Free products and services are of great importance in terms of generating leads. With free content, you will reach the target audience interested in the product or service, and you will have the chance to interact with these people. Your users who are satisfied with your free product or service will also have higher conversion rates to sales. Potential customers will be convinced of the quality of the paid content you offer, and success will be achieved in the long run.

Lead Generation Strategies
Ad text determines whether your audience clicks the button in your ad. This determines the success or failure of your ad. Be careful not to repeat the text you have in an old ad campaign for a new lead campaign. Every time we want to create a new ad, we need to develop and test new copies. It would help if you made texts to encourage, excite, entertain and persuade your audience to take action. To see if emojis improve Ad engagement and CPA on Facebook, tests on Facebook Lead Ads generated 2000% more leads when running two identical ad campaigns, one with plain text and the other with the exact text, but with emojis in the ad description. You must include a maximum of 3 pages in our Facebook Lead Ads form. When you increase the space, users probably won’t complete it. The less, the better. However, you should make sure that our form contains the information we need for our business.

Yes, if you have comments, additions, and criticisms to my article that I have shared on my lead generation advertising experiences in the projects I manage, I would be pleased to reach me by sending them in the comment section.

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