Is Snapchat Going to Survive Against Instagram?

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Social media is an inseperable part of our lives now. We live in social media. We share our photos, videos, memories, we do shoppings, we chat with our friends, we follow brands’ and celebrities’ activities, and so much more. In the circumstances, it is inevitable that social media platforms always run against each other with the aim of surpassing them.

Recently, one of the most wondered topics is the current situation of Snapchat and its battle with Instagram. Is Snapchat going to survive against Instagram?





Snapchat; a social media platform founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in September, 2011. Basically; Snapchat allows users to share texts, photos, videos and voice messages with each other. One of the features of Snapchat that makes it isolated from other social media platforms is that photos and messages are only available for a short limited time after they are sent.

  •  In October 2012, Snapchat hit 10 million active users.
  •  In October 2013 Snapchat launched its Stories.



Stories are basically photos, videos and texts you share with your Snapchat friends publicly. They last for only 24 hours.

Overtime Snapchat Stories exploded! Celebrities opened Snapchat accounts and thus Snapchat became much more popular.


In circumstances, Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion, but Spiegel declined Mark’s offer.

Snapchat was rising from zero to hero. Everything was great. But then..

Then, Mark Zuckerberg took over Instagram for only $1 billion in 2013, and turned Instagram into a Snapchat rival. Mark ‘’borrowed’’ Snapchat’s Stories in 2016. And naturally, this situation affected Snapchat negatively. Let’s have a look at some stats to make it more clear.


As you can see above, from the first time Instagram launched its Stories until now, the daily user number of Instagram Stories became four times bigger and reached 400 millions.



But unfortunately we can not say the same thing for Snapchat. Their daily user number kept rising but couldn’t reach even 200 million until now. And in the second quarter of 2018, the number started to decrease.

Snapchat attempted to release new features such as SnapMaps to gain more users. But, are they going to work? Is Snapchat going to survive against Instagram?

Time will show everything.


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